A. Our Commitment to Donors

Better Hope NGO acknowledges the possibility of unintended donations. Should an error in donation occur, or if a donor desires to revoke their contribution, we are prepared to handle the reimbursement request within seven business days upon receiving valid documentation from the donor. The processing time for the refund hinges on the payment method used for the transaction. Donors are requested to send a written refund application to within 48 hours post-donation, including:
1. Evidence of the deducted donation amount (e.g., screenshot) and transaction particulars.
2. If a donation receipt was provided, the donor must return the physical copy to our office address. For digital receipts, we will annul the receipt, and we ask donors to eliminate any copies of the digital receipt. We keep meticulous records of all issued and canceled receipts. Any misuse or unauthorized employment of a canceled receipt could lead to legal accountability.


Please note that your refund will be facilitated within 7 business days after we receive your comprehensive refund request along with the confirmation of returned or destroyed donation receipt.


B. Transaction Security Assurance

Your charitable contributions fuel the mission of Better Hope NGO. Rest assured, when you make an online donation, your card details are encrypted for that particular transaction alone and are not retained. Should you opt to save your card or bank data for future giving, such as recurring donations, this information is securely held by the payment processing institution, with which Better Hope NGO partners, being compliant with prevailing industry standards for data custody.

C. Ensuring the Safety of Your Donation

The protection and privacy of donor information are paramount to us. We incorporate SSL (secure socket layer) technology, reflecting the industry benchmark, to secure your data and create a trustworthy environment for your online donations.