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Project Iqra

  • Since 2021, we have sponsored education of more than 60 students—from first graders to college students. Education Financial assistance can take many different forms, from paying tuition to supplying books, or even giving mobile phones to underprivileged students for online classes.

We launched “Project Iqra: Connecting Benefactors with the Students in Need” in March 2021 as part of our Education for All and Help the Needy Project. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs, businesses closed, and incomes decreased. Low-income households have been particularly hard hit by the epidemic, as they are more likely to work in industries that have been severely impacted. As a result, many families are finding it difficult to cover their children’s school/college fees. Better Hope NGO came up with the idea to connect donors with students in need and has assisted more than 60 students in pursuing their educational goals and continuing their studies since 2021. Our aim is to help as many students as we can, if not all. 

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