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Choolan medical camp

  • We organized the fourth healthcare camp at Panchayat ghar, Choolan, Uri, Jammu and Kashmir on June 14th and 15th 2022. During the two-day medical camp, 1200 people benefitted.  Choolan is located in Baramula, Uri. Employment in this area is quite challenging because the population is primarily tribal and lacks access to education. Additionally, there is little access to healthcare, making camps in these locations a necessity.

Looking at the enormous response from residents, it can also be concluded that the local population suffers from health care services owing to accessibility to healthcare facilities and the high cost of services and medicines. Emphasis was laid on the menstrual hygiene of women during camp. To achieve this, gynaecologists present counselled young women on the use of sanitary napkins, hygiene, healthy practises, a nutritious diet, and myths related to menstruation. Menstrual kits prepared by NGOs were distributed to needy women belonging to the age-appropriate category. Multivitamin tablets and calcium tablets were distributed to females over the age of 30. )

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